Tracking device changes with Tcl


Windows can send notifications to applications advising them of changes in device configuration. The most common manifestation of this is file managers popping up a window showing the contents of a USB pen drive when it is plugged in and automatically closing it when the drive is ejected. This post describes how to hook into these notifications within a Tcl application.

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Using async/await to parallelize sequential code


The latest post in our series on promises introduced the async and await commands. That post focused on how these commands further simplify asynchronous programming with promises. This post takes a different angle on their utility - how they can be used to speed up sequential code with minimal effort.

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Parsing via metaprogramming

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This blog post is adapted from my book The Tcl Programming Language.

What is metaprogramming? Roughly speaking, metaprogramming involves writing a program that in turn writes a program to do the desired task. In some cases metaprogramming makes for simpler or more succinct code while in others it optimizes performance by generating specialized code at runtime. Tcl lends itself naturally to this style of programming. This article illustrates one such use.

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