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ftp::geturl(n) 0.2.2 tcllib "ftp client"


ftp::geturl - Uri handler for ftp urls

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  • package require Tcl 8.2
  • package require ftp::geturl ?0.2.2?


This package provides a command which wraps around the client side of the ftp protocol provided by package ftp to allow the retrieval of urls using the ftp schema.


::ftp::geturl url

This command can be used by the generic command ::uri::geturl (See package uri) to retrieve the contents of ftp urls. Internally it uses the commands of the package ftp to fulfill the request.

The contents of a ftp url are defined as follows:


The contents of the specified file itself.


A listing of the contents of the directory in key value notation where the file name is the key and its attributes the associated value.


The attributes of the link, including the path it refers to.

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See Also

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ftp, internet, net, rfc 959