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inifile(n) 0.3.2 tcllib "Parsing of Windows INI files"


inifile - Parsing of Windows INI files

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This package provides an interface for easy manipulation of Windows INI files.

::ini::open file ?-encoding encoding? ?access?

Opens an INI file and returns a handle that is used by other commands. access is the same as the first form (non POSIX) of the open command, with the exception that mode a is not supported. The default mode is r+.

The default encoding is the system encoding.

::ini::close ini

Close the specified handle. If any changes were made and not written by commit they are lost.

::ini::commit ini

Writes the file and all changes to disk. The sections are written in arbitrary order. The keys in a section are written in alphabetical order. If the ini was opened in read only mode an error will be thrown.

::ini::revert ini

Rolls all changes made to the inifile object back to the last committed state.

::ini::filename ini

Returns the name of the file the ini object is associated with.

::ini::sections ini

Returns a list of all the names of the existing sections in the file handle specified.

::ini::keys ini section

Returns a list of all they key names in the section and file specified.

::ini::get ini section

Returns a list of key value pairs that exist in the section and file specified.

::ini::exists ini section ?key?

Returns a boolean value indicating the existance of the specified section as a whole or the specified key within that section.

::ini::value ini section key ?default?

Returns the value of the named key and section. If specified, the default value will be returned if the key does not exist. If the key does not exist and no default is specified an error will be thrown.

::ini::set ini section key value

Sets the value of the key in the specified section. If the section does not exist then a new one is created.

::ini::delete ini section ?key?

Removes the key or the entire section and all its keys. A section is not automatically deleted when it has no remaining keys.

::ini::comment ini section ?key? ?text?

Reads and modifies comments for sections and keys. To write a section comment use an empty string for the key. To remove all comments use an empty string for text. text may consist of a list of lines or one single line. Any embedded newlines in text are properly handled. Comments may be written to nonexistant sections or keys and will not return an error. Reading a comment from a nonexistant section or key will return an empty string.

::ini::commentchar ?char?

Reads and sets the comment character. Lines that begin with this character are treated as comments. When comments are written out each line is preceded by this character. The default is ;.

Bugs, Ideas, Feedback

This document, and the package it describes, will undoubtedly contain bugs and other problems. Please report such in the category inifile of the Tcllib Trackers. Please also report any ideas for enhancements you may have for either package and/or documentation.

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