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processman(n) 0.6 tcllib "processman"


processman - Tool for automating the period callback of commands

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The processman package provides a Pure-tcl set of utilities to manage child processes in a platform-generic nature.


::processman::find_exe name

Locate an executable by the name of name in the system path. On windows, also add the .exe extention if not given.

::processman::kill id

Kill a child process id.


Kill all processes spawned by this program

::processman::killexe name

Kill a process identified by the executable. On Unix, this triggers a killall. On windows, twapi::get_process_ids is used to map a name one or more IDs, which are then killed.

::processman::onexit id cmd

Arrange to execute the script cmd when this programe detects that process id as terminated.

::processman::priority id level

Mark process id with the priorty level. Valid levels: low, high, default.

On Unix, the process is tagged using the nice command.

On Windows, the process is modifed via the twapi::set_priority_class


Return a list of processes that have been triggered by this program, as well as a boolean flag to indicate if the process is still running.

::processman::process_list id

Return true if process id is still running, false otherwise.

::processman::spawn id cmd args

Start a child process, identified by id. cmd is the name of the command to execute. args are arguments to pass to that command.

Bugs, Ideas, Feedback

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