Magicsplat Tcl/Tk for Windows

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The Magicsplat Tcl/Tk for Windows distribution is a binary Windows Installer based distribution of Tcl/Tk for Windows systems. It includes commonly used libraries, extensions and development tools.

The current release, version 1.11.1 (changes), is based on Tcl/Tk 8.6.11 and includes the following packages:

Tcl/Tk 8.6.11, Autoopts 0.6, Awthemes 10.2.0, BContour 1.1, Bezier 1.1, BWidget 1.9.13, CAWT 2.6.0, Canvas3d 1.2.4, Chesschart 0.2, Cmark 1.0, Crimp 0.2, Critcl 3.18.1, Csp 0.1.0, Dgtools 0.3, Dgw 0.3, DiffUtil 0.4.1, Duktape 0.9.0, Ffidl 0.8b0, GRIDPLUS 2.11, Gc_class 1.0, Hl_tcl 0.7.4, Img 1.4.12, Incr Tcl 4.2.1, iocp 1.0.9, JBlend 2.1, Mpexpr 1.2, Mkdoc 0.4, Msgpack 2.0, Nacl 1.1, Nsf/nx/XOTcl 2.3, Ooxml 1.5, Parse_args 0.3.0, Pdf4tcl 0.9.2, Promise 1.1, RBC Toolkit 0.1.1, Rl_http 1.5, Rl_json 0.11.0, Ruff 1.0.5, Scrolldata 2.12, Shtmlview 0.9.1, SQlite 3.34.0 Tarray 1.0.0, Tarray_ui 1.0.0, TDBC 1.1.2, TWAPI 4.5.2, TclCurl 7.74.0, TclPro Debugger 2.0, TclWS 3.1, Tclcsv 2.3, Tcllib 1.20, Tclparser 1.8, TclTLS 1.7.22, Tclvfs 1.4.2, Tdom 0.9.2, Thread 2.8.6, Tix 8.4.3, TkDND 2.9, TkTable 2.11, Tkcon, Tklib 0.6+ (as of 2019/11/12), Tksvg 0.7, Tktreectrl 2.4.3, Tmdoc 0.4, Type 0.1, UDP 1.0.10, Vix 1.0, Xtal 1.0.0 C include files and libraries.

Note: All binaries and libraries are built with Visual Studio 2017.

Platform requirements

Windows 7 or later. Both 32- and 64-bit versions are provided.


To install, double click the downloaded file in Explorer or run the command


from the command prompt.

Uninstalling can be done from the Add/Remove Programs control panel applet or equivalent on newer Windows systems.

Installation mode

The installation has a basic mode and an advanced mode. The basic mode is accessed by clicking the Install button on the license dialog after checking the Terms and Conditions checkbox. The software is then installed with no further questions for the current user only, using a default directory and default set of packages.

The advanced mode is accessed by clicking the Advanced button on the license dialog. This allows the user to select the installation scope (see below), the directory for installation as well as which packages are to be installed.

Feature selection

Advanced mode allows selection of the features and packages to be installed. You can add and remove packages at any time by going to the Windows Add/Remove Programs control panel applet or settings, selecting the Magicsplat Tcl/Tk product and clicking Change or Modify.

Installation scope

If advanced mode is selected, the user is given a choice of installing the software only for the current user or machine wide for all users. Please see the requirements listed in the dialog before making a selection.

Installing over an older version

You may install the new version over an older version that is installed with the following caveat: You must select the same install scope, per-user or per-machine, for the new install as for the older existing installation. Otherwise, the Windows installer will leave remnants behind on a later uninstallation.

If you wish to change the installation scope, uninstall the older version before installing the new version. If the same scope is selected, there is no need to uninstall the older version first.

Shortcuts, paths and file associations

In both basic and advanced modes the installer will make the following changes by default.

  • Shortcuts to the Tcl executables and documentation will be added to the Start menu.

  • The PATH environment variable will be modified to include the directory containing the Tcl executables.

  • The extensions .tclapp and .tkapp will be associated with the Tcl console mode executable tclsh.exe and GUI executable wish.exe respectively.

In all cases, the modifications will be made for a single user or machine wide depending on the installation scope selected.

Any of these features can be deselected in advanced mode via the Features dialog.

Cryptography legalities

This software includes functions related to cryptographic operations. Your country of residence may restrict the possession, use, import and export of such software. Please check the laws and regulations of your country accordingly before using the software.

For US export purposes, the Magicsplat Tcl/Tk for Windows distribution is self-classified under Export Commodity Control Number (ECCN) 5D002.C.1. It is eligible for export under Section 742.15 (b) of the Export Administration Regulations (EAR), which exempts publicly available encryption source code from being subject to EAR and Section 734.3 (b)(3) which exempts object code compiled from publicly available source code from being subject to the EAR.


NOTE: You must choose the version matching your platform as the 32-bit version will not install on 64-bit Windows either.

Downloads are available from Sourceforge.

Reporting bugs

This project only provides an installation bundle for Tcl and extensions. Please report any bugs in individual packages to the respective groups. For installation related issues, please raise a ticket.

Version history

Changes in Version 1.11.1

Patch for Tk 8.6.11 to fix mouse wheel scrolling bug.

New packages (1): ooxml 1.5.

Updated packages (2): CAWT 2.6, ruff 1.0.5.

Changes in Version 1.11.0

New packages (9): autoopts 0.6, chesschart 0.2, duktape 0.9, hl_tcl 0.7.4, msgpack 2.0, nacl 1.1, scrolldata 2.12, shtmlview 0.9.1, type 0.1.

Updated packages (22): Tcl/Tk 8.6.11, TDBC 1.1.2, registry 1.3.5, Thread 2.8.6, dde 1.4.3, awthemes 10.2.0, ffidl 0.8b0, Img 1.4.12, iocp 1.0.9, mentry 3.11, mkdoc 0.4, rl_json 0.11.0, scrollutil 1.7, sqlite 3.34.0, tablelist 6.11, tclcurl 7.74.0, Tcltls 1.7.22, Tclws 3.1, tksvg 0.7, tmdoc 0.4, twapi 4.5.2, wcb 3.7.

Changes in Version 1.10.1

New packages: BContour 1.1, Bezier 1.1, dgtools 0.3, dgw 0.3, iocp 1.0.0, tarray 1.0.0, tarray_ui 1.0.0, mkdoc 0.3, tls 1.7.21, tmdoc 0.3, xtal 1.0.0.

Updated packages: awthemes 9.2.2, CAWT 2.5.0, critcl 3.1.18, Img 1.4.11, rl_json 0.11.0, ruff 1.0.4, scrollutil 1.6, sqlite3, tablelist 6.10, tclcurl 7.71.1, tdom 0.9.2, twapi 4.4.1.

Changes in Version 1.10.0

New packages: Awthemes 6.0, Crimp 0.2, gc_class 1.0, JBlend 2.1, rl_http 1.5, ruff 1.0b3, tksvg 0.3.

Updated packages: Tcl/Tk 8.6.10, Cawt 2.4.7, Img 1.4.9, nsf/nx 2.3, parse_args 0.3.1, pdf4tcl 0.9.2, rl_json 0.9.13, tcllib 1.20, TDBC 1.1.1, Thread 2.8.5, tklib, twapi 4.3.8.

Changes in Version 1.9.1

New packages: Ffidl 0.7, NSF/Nx/XOTcl 2.2, Critcl 3.17, Tix 8.4.3. Fixes: missing is now installed.

Changes in Version 1.9.0

Updated packages: Tcl 8.6.9, Tk 8.6.9, TDBC 1.1, sqlite 3.26.0, thread 2.8.4, Itcl 4.1.2, tclcsv 2.3, twapi 4.3.5, promise 1.1, BWidget 1.9.13, tklib 2019-01-01, CAWT 2.4.3, TclCurl 7.63.0, DiffUtil 0.4.1, TclWS 2.6.2.

Changes in Version 1.8.1

New packages: parse_args 0.3.0, parser 1.8, rl_json 0.9.11, TclProDebug 2.0.

Updated packages: Bwidget 1.9.12, rbc 0.1.1, Tcllib 1.19, TclWs 2.5. In addition, Tcllib modules that have accelerators implemented in C are enabled.

Other changes: The Start Menu folder is labelled Magicsplat Tcl 8.6 instead of Tcl86.

Changes in Version 1.8.0

New packages: RBC toolkit 0.1, tclcsv 2.2.2, cmark 1.0, Canvas3d 1.2.4, Img 1.4.7, TclWS 2.4, DiffUtil 0.4, promise 1.0.3, csp 0.1.0, vix 1.0, tktable 2.11.

Updated packages: Tcl/Tk 8.6.8, TDBC 1.0.6, Tcllib, Tklib, Thread 2.8.2, Itcl 4.1.1, curl 7.57.0, tdom 0.9.1, twapi 4.2.13, CAWT 2.4.1, treectrl 2.4.3.