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Documentation tools
diagram Diagram drawing
diagram-viewer Lightweight Diagram Processor
Image processing
bitmap-editor Editor for XBM images
autoscroll Provides for a scrollbar to automatically mapped and unmapped as needed
canvas::drag Manage the dragging of canvas items or item groups
canvas::edit::points Editing a cloud of points on a canvas
canvas::edit::polyline Editing a polyline on a canvas
canvas::edit::quadrilateral Editing a quadrilateral on a canvas
canvas::gradient Canvas with a gradient background
canvas::highlight Manage the highlighting of canvas items or item groups
canvas::mvg Canvas to ImageMagick MVG vector format
canvas::snap Canvas snapshot to Tk photo image
canvas::sqmap Canvas with map background based on square tiles
canvas::tag Easier management of the tags on canvas items or item groups
canvas::track::lines Manage a group of rubber band lines
canvas::zoom Zoom control for canvas::sqmap
canvasLabel tkpiechart canvas label class
chatwidget Provides a multi-paned view suitable for display of chat room or irc channel information
controlwidget Collection of widgets for displaying and controlling numerical values
crosshair Crosshairs for Tk canvas
ctext Ctext a text widget with highlighting support
cursor Procedures to handle CURSOR data
getstring A string dialog
history Provides a history for Entry widgets
ico Reading and writing windows icons
khim Provides key bindings for entering international characters on a keyboard that does not support them
menubar Creates an instance of the Class.
notifywindow Provides unobtrusive window for alerts/notifications from Tk applications
ntext Alternative Bindings for the Text Widget
ntextBindings Alternative Bindings for the Text Widget
ntextIndent ntext Indentation for the Text Widget
ntextWordBreak ntext Word Boundary Detection for the Text Widget
persistentSelection Enhanced PRIMARY selection
pie 2D or 3D pie chart object in a canvas
pieBoxLabeler tkpiechart pie box style labeler class
piePeripheralLabeler tkpiechart pie peripheral style labeler class
Plotchart Simple plotting and charting package
tooltip Tooltip management
widget_listentry widget::listentry widget
widget_listsimple widget::listsimple widget
widget_validator widget::validator behaviour
widgetPlus Enhanced Entry, Spinbox, and Combobox Widgets with Undo/Redo and other useful features
datefield Tk datefield widget
ipentry An IP address entry widget
swaplist A dialog which allows a user to move options between two lists
widget Megawidget bundle
widget_calendar Calendar Megawidget
widget_dateentry Date Entry Megawidget
widget_toolbar Toolbar Megawidget